Friday, July 10, 2020
Proposed Policy. Select & indicate support (or not) & rank it. Kia Koe !!
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That the Govt imediately make moves for Poker Machines to be removed from all but properly licenced Casinos 3 - 4 0 -
That the Govt immediately allow Public Transport Passes able to be provided Fringe Benefit Free to EMployees and their Families 41 - 2 0 -
That the govt immediately begin to be seen taking steps to Protect and enhance the health of our Waterways 2 - 2 0 -
That the Govt immediately implement free left turn/give way when traffic lights are red, as is done in many other countries in the world 44 - 4 0 -
That the Govt immediately institute for Schools to begin teaching learning/teaching skills to the students to empower them 49 - 2 2 -
That the Govt immediately revise Immigration numbers/upper limits to be lowered until infrastructure strengthened to cope 1 - 3 2 -
That the Govt immediately take steps so that GST and Duty to be applied to all imported internet transactions. 20 - 1 3 -
That the Govt Immediately with councils review Public Transport to look at lower cost road based systems ahead of high cost infrastructure 19 - 1 1 -
That the Govt Increase border taxes to discourage large vehicle imports, multi vehicle purchases & increase the likelihood of repair work being done 16 - 1 3 -
That the Govt lead by example for climate change, including, Apart from Utility type vehicles, all Government vehicles/cars not to exceed 1,000cc. 24 - 4 2 -