Friday, July 10, 2020
Proposed Policy. Select & indicate support (or not) & rank it. Kia Koe !!
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Traffic lights. Adjust orange lights that are in town to having a flashing light 2 seconds before changing to green. 53 - 3 0 -
That the People of NZ relook at our Flag, our symbol of who we are, and who we have become, not just who we once were 43 - 1 3 -
That the Govt work with COuncils to, wherever appropriate, reintroduce the use of Septic tanks for many positive reasons 17 - 2 2 -
That the Govt will close taxation loopholes used by Multinational companies selling products & services in NZ but claiming actual "Earning" is oversea 23 - 5 0 -
That the Govt shift penalties for Methamphetamine manufacturers to be treated in similar vein to attempted murder. 9 - 6 0 -
That the Govt set standards to be applied to CouncNoise Complaints for Grandfather Clause applicable to venues with Pre-existing Noise Conditions 36 - 4 0 -
That the Govt Scrap the Road User Charges for Diesel powered engines and have the process put in line with normal fuel sales 38 - 1 1 -
That the Govt revisit the packaging of Cigarettes to require that Better and more useful warnings to be put onto packets 35 - 2 1 -
That the Govt revisit Baby Sitting to Lower the age which parents can leave children at home on their own or to supervise within reason, other child 52 - 1 2 -
That the Govt require that the Export of raw materials such as export pine and Minerals must be taken to next possible level in processing 40 - 1 1 -